Hosted by Bryan Hildebrand & Mike Johnston!


This week's Rx Power Hour Strength Radio :

This week on the Rx Power Hour Strength radio program, the boys are talking with Jon Strongman Anderson about his new book - Deep Water Training. Jon describes how he became in what others call a Human Action Figure with his unique training style and what can be called an EXTREME ketogenic style diet. Jon who is in his early 40's is also working with IFBB pro Bodybuilder Achim Albrecht to step on the bodybuilding stage. This is a new venture for Big Jon who is a Pro strongman and Pro Wrestler in Japan. Jon is looking to create a trifecta of Pro cards as he will take a shot at the NPC Nationals later in the year.

Mike es abscentia for the first and third segments, so Bryan covers the bases with updates on the Arnold Strongman Classic, XPC Powerlifting on the main stage of the Arnold, Mens and Womens Highland Games at the Commons in Columbus as part of the weekend and much much more. Join The Dancing Bears this week on the Rx Power Hour Strength Radio Program!