Rodney Razor implements a four-day major body part split training regimen, but it's more complicated than your average lifting plan. The 2014 BodySpace Spokesmodel also infuses his workouts with HIIT cardio, abdominal training, and specific exercises for his calves and traps.

He also plays basketball 3-4 times every week and uses what he calls "cardio in disguise" to amplify the intensity of his workouts. Check out his split and get ripped like Rodney!

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Rodney's Training Philosophy

You'll hear a lot of personal trainers preach heavy weight, and often they say "the heavier the better." But Rodney has a different approach, both for himself and the clients who pay for his expertise. He spent years in the heavy-lifting universe, but says it was strenuous on his joints. He had to adapt.

"You go heavy and that's fine, but it's not appropriate when new clients come into the gym and don't know anything about weight training," Razor says.

Although he doesn't push his clients to start with heavy weights, he does make sure they're still being challenged. Rodney uses a theory called "cardio in disguise" to increase the intensity of his client's workouts. "If you're working at a high intensity, you are getting your cardio in," Razor says. "Cardio means getting your heart rate up, whether you're running or weight training. If your heart rate is up, then it's still cardio."

"Although he doesn't push his clients to start with heavy weights, he does make sure they're still being challenged. Rodney uses a theory called "cardio in disguise" to increase the intensity of his client's workouts."

For himself, Rodney likes to use high-intensity interval training (HIIT) circuits that include burpees, high, knees, jumping jacks, squat jumps, and more. Interspersed in a weight training regimen, these plyometrics are all the cardio Rodney needs. If he is ever caught on a treadmill, he is doing sprint drills. "I am a sprinter, a basketball player, and then I am a football player," Razor says. "Those are spurt exercises, where you're "boom," then you stop, then you're "boom" again. That's how I tailor my training."

Although Rodney likes to keep his training tailored to his love of sports, he knows that to keep the results coming, he has to constantly vary his workouts. He does the same for his clients.

"People come up to me all the time and ask, 'Do you only believe in free weights?' or 'do you only believe in cables?' I am like, hey man, believe in whatever you want to believe in; do everything. Even if I do 8-12 reps, the next time I will do 15-20. Or if I do incline dumbbell first, it might be third the next time. You keep that theory of always fresh: switch the order, switch the rep count, things like that, that's how you get results."

Training Regimen
Sometimes cardio from a pick-up game of basketball or flag football.

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