In July 2013, I weighed in at 227lbs. I lived on Starbucks or soda to survive my days. I was wearing L-XL in men's t-shirts & shorts, I was too embarrassed to wear women's clothes, & was miserable. As of today (10/15/14), I weigh in at 180lbs, & can now fit into smaller sizes than before. I am currently trying to get in shape for the Police Academy, & part of it is based on a height-weight scale & body fat%. I am aiming for 165-155lbs, but have hit a plateau. I'm noticing nothing has changed in about a month and a half, even though I increased cardio. And I have been feeling fatigued. My doctor says I have a clean bill of health. I'm trying to get a head start for the Academy, but need help.

-Daily Stretch/Yoga: 30-45mins
-Jog/Run: 3miles daily or Bike/Rollerblade: 5 miles depending on time.
-Gym: M-Arms, Shoulders, Back, Core, Spin Class. W-Legs, Core, Spin. F-Full Body and a brief swim. T/Th,Weekend: no gym due to work.

-Gluten Free Diet due to allergies
-Cut out Soda, Starbucks, Fast Food...which was difficult.
-Daily vitamins: Multi-vitamin, B-12 Complex
-Eat 3 large meals and 2 smaller meals or protein shakes with Whey Protein and Gluten Free peanut butter.

Are there any tips anyone can offer me regarding workouts or fat burning supplements? Thanks!