I have used the following secrets and they have helped me grow taller so try to follow them. Dont drink pop, don't eat junk food. These foods and drinks are quite useless, and I would never eat or drink them. Instead, eat foods rich with many vitamins and nutrients. You need two important nutrients for your bones to grow nicely and healthy - calcium and vitamin D. Calcium helps to build and maintain your bones. Vitamin D helps you absorb calcium. Both of these nutrients are abundant in foods and drinks like milk, cheese, yogurt, tuna, eggs, chicken and etc.
For milk, drink 2% and not 3% because it will make you fat.

I have seen many reports which show that our brain releases more human growth hormone when the entire body is calm and relaxed so you have to sleep more in a comfortable environment. Make sure you sleep at night and make sure that your neck is properly aligned with the rest of your body. I bought a $50 pillow and used a good bed.

Proper exercise can help your body grow taller, i used hanging from monkey bar and stretching. Good exercises include a variety of stretches, yoga, basketball, swimming and etc. Make sure you exercise daily for about 30 minutes for good growth (i used 40 mins). Also make sure to maintain a good posture which I learned how to keep perfectly after a lot of practice. I used a mirror and I made my entire body straight as I looked at my reflection.

I have also used growth hormone boosters in total I have grown just over 2.1 inches in 3 months, which is a long time but I can live with that. You see, I tried only exercise and diet tips but after tons of research I now know that to grow taller more growth hormone is needed.

Your growth hormone levels decrease as you grow older. This makes it very important to boost your HGH. Before the growth hormone (which I took for 3 months) I tried all kinds of diets, sleep methods and exercises but nothing worked! After the growth hormone boost, I actually gained a bit of height.

By the way, for the growth hormone boosting, I used a dietary supplement for 3 months which I fully researched. Also, I have met some people who have used limb lengthening, so that is also an option... if you want it.
The website for the growth hormone boosting is http://bit.do/GrowTaller