For weight loss, is it safe if I fast 2 days a week to reduce even more calories per week?

I'm on a mission to lose a lot of weight, 70+lbs and I was wondering, would it be safe to fast for weight loss? I've done a 10 day water fast and it wreaked HAVOC on my skin, so I figured if broke it down into increments and still receive nutrition that it won't be so hard on my system or metabolism. I'm eating 100% healthy (already reducing 4-500 calories per day with a healthy diet), and workout 5 days a week, but I wanted to speed things up by fasting on the 2 days I don't workout with just green tea, coconut water & lots of regular water (maybe distilled since I hear it pulls toxins out of the body). Sometimes I drink vinegar water and take vitamin d to stop hunger pangs too. But not eating 2 days a week would definitely save me 3000+ calories a week on top of the workouts & would help speed things up. But is it safe? Or do I still risk throwing off my metabolism and sabotoging my results in the long run?