Hey there! :D Yeah, I have a couple of "free" tips.

You can try cold showers. It's definitely healthy! :D Maybe it will help you loose weight, some say that, it's worth a try. 10 mins a day twice a day is my suggestion. Keep me updated! :D

Something else that will require more time and patience is learning Master Lam's Zhang Zhuang...

It may seem dumb, yeah I agree, but I've tried it and I was sweating lol. The 25 minutes (5 mins each posture) is really cool. It's easier IMO then the 20 mins for just one posture. It took me a while to be able to do it. It's really healthy too and I thought I was loosing weight. Since I'm already kinda skinny I decided to do something else for now lol, I should do it once in a while tho, it's awesome.

I hope I helped. Keep me updated! :D Tell me what works and what doesn't. Any more tips/help feel free to PM me. Bye for now!