I've read on a lot of sites that it's virtually impossible to lose weight and maintain that weight, a lot because of the fact that when you lose weight your body tries to make you fat as fast as possible by making you more hungry than when you started your low calorie diet plan. Is this true? Because I always thought that your stomach shrinks with time making you feel full faster and I thought that maintaining your weight was the easy part. I read that 95% of people who lose weight get fat again, but it's hard to believe that. Does this mean that for example, 95% of all the weight loss transformations you see (I'm talking about the legit ones.) ended in failure? That's kind of depressing. Also, in studies they conclude that your resting calorie burn gets lower than people of the same weight that has never been overweight in their life, meaning that after your hard work of losing weight you have to eat less than your skinny friends even though you're both the same weight. They never specified what your calorie burn could be, though so I'm kind of confused. The average man burns 2200 calories a day and if I could eat that to maintain my weight it would be so easy. I could eat two 800 calorie meals and a 500 calorie breakfast and still have a 100 calories left, so this means that people who lose weight must have really low resting calorie burn if they can't maintain their weight after the weight loss.

How much lower could your metabolic rate become?