You're a beginner, so neither. Do 3 days, full body, strength training. Follow 5x5 stronglifts advice.


5x5 of every exercise so:

Monday : chest 5x5 squat 5x5

Wednesday : overhead press\squat (4x5) \ deadlift 1x5

Friday : repeat monday

Sunday : repeat Wednesday

Ect ect. I recommend doing upper body first, as it gets blood flowing for the lower body movements which require you to be warmed up more

I made excellent gains, packed on 2 and a half stone in 6 months with it and leaned out in the process. I'm 6ft 5 went from 12 stone 6 to 14 stone roughly and made great gains in strengh.

I still train like this, now I'm 15 stone 6lbs and leaner than last time 3 years later.