With all the construction features, Fote scrap metal crusher is an ideal grinding equipment applied in the plant of metal smelting and metal recycling.The messy metallic shavings enter the grinder from the top opening port, twisted and torn into small piecesby the high-speed running plate gear, then discharged form the bottom sieve.

Fote is able to customize solutions for different needs, and design full recirculation device according to local technical requirements and relevant laws. Equipments made by Fote reach the world advanced level in the security, economic and ecological protection.Waste scrap metal crusher production line makes use of the kinetic energy generated by high-speed rotating hammer to get metal scraps crushed. Low noise, no pollution, high crushing efficiency, fine and uniform discharging particles. During crushing, the surface rust, paint and other surface contaminants can be striped off. Magnetic separation equipment are used to get a certain of pure crushed steel. The scrap metal crusher machine is designed specially to process unsorted mixed low-grade steel scraps and scrap cars. Fote metal crusher is mainly employed to grind waste pop cans, This muller can pulverize all kinds of cans, thereby reducing transport cost and boost cast iron furnace ironmaking rate. The metal crusher machine is high output, low energy consumption, discharging finely all, this machine equipped with magnetic separation, can separate aluminum from iron.thin scrap metal sheet, scrap metal slag, beer cans, metal bottles,cola cans, beverage cans, paint bucket, tin can and so on. It is good wast can grinding machine used in SMEs.

Selling well in all cities and provinces around China, our products are also exported to clients in Malaysia, India, Egypt, Iran, Uzbekistan, Russia, Congo and Tanzania. Welcome to visit our factory. The users of Fote scrap metal crusher machine can adopt different allocations according to material species, scale and requirements of the final products. Fote has won the consensus praise of clients from home and abroad. Welcome to enqiury!