Fote scrap metal crusher can be used to smash aluminum cans, metal pail, metal can and drink cans, the metal crushing machine has been used in many companies which recycles the hardware successfully. Our scrap metal crusher is mainly applied to the large-scale reclamation depot and used to break the cans into ideal pellets, so that the transport cost can be reduced.

Metal crusher produced by Fote are small-medium scrap metal crushing plant which are widely employed to crush and recycle pop cans, tin cans, metal food box, paint bucket, gas gasoline drum, oil filter, shell of refrigerator and washing machine, steel tile, light bar keel, etc. Fote metal crusher is a good choice for small and medium-sized metal recycling companies. Fote metal package shredder is widely employed for recycling metallic wastes such as paint bucket, scrap metal packaging, beverage cans, waste home appliance shell, copper or iron packaging shell, metal pail pack, waste refrigerators and washing machines, waste car shell, light steel scrap, color steel title and other thin metal material with thickness less than 5mm. Fote fiber separator machine for tire recycle used to crush the waste tire into rubber powder, environmental protection and energy saving. Fibre separator is mainly used for waste nylon tires recycling, it could separate the mixed fine hair fiber from rubber powder, in order to purify the powder, also can be used in chemical enterprise for air separation of powder products and classification processing etc. As experts in dealing with waste tires, we can be comprehensive treatment waste tire and decompose them into steel, rubber powder and fiber . Fote electric scrap metal crusher makes full use of the impact, shear, blow and grinding force to get the waste cans grinded. Our electric metal crusher is a new type efficient and environmentally friendly cans grinder, in which scrap cans can get fully crushed. the metal crushing machine has the features of high yield, low energy consumption, high efficiency, even crushing, the material is crushed uniformity. It is low noise, no pollution, simple operation, easy maintenance in operating the machine.

The final product that from scrap metal crusher is easily carrying and shipping, conveniently steel-making, shortening time of smelting, and greatly improve the efficiency of iron and steel smelting. Equipments made by Fote reach the world advanced level in the security, economic and ecological protection. Welcome to inquiry!

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