Fote scrap metal crusher makes full use of the impact, shear, blow and grinding force to get the waste cans grinded. It is a new type efficient and environmentally friendly metal crusher in which scrap cans can get fully crushed. Fote can grinder has the features of high yield, low energy consumption, high efficiency, even crushing, etc.

The basic principle of electric can crushe lowes is using motor to drive wind wheel extrusion. With high-speed high-torque motor driving, broken objects in crushing cavity may be fully effective crusher until they meet the specifications of the detritus. After broken material through air maneuver sorting system, the metal and nonmetal will be left. Also the whole system is equipped with a dust removal device to minimize dust pollution generated in the production process hazards. Tire strip cutter mainly used to cut the sidewall of steel wire tire, and then to the next step of segmentation. First, put the tire on the platform, then rotate the hand wheel, the three claws will stick the inner tire firmly. Second, starting power, work platform will rotation, cutting tool according to need to cut tire slowly step by step until the tire side cut off. Scrap metal crusher (metal crusher), also known as cans crusher, waste metal crusher, bucket crusher and other different name. Now, scrap metal crusher machine is more popular in the field of metal crushing equipment. In the process of crushing, scrap metal crusher machine squeeze the material under the external force with rolling, cutting, impacting and grinding. Scrap metal crusher machine is suitable for crushing hard material and bulk material. The final product of scrap metal crusher machine. The fineness can be adjusted by the client's requirement. Waste metal crusher is more popular in the field of metal recycling mill metal processing equipment, the machine can crush materials include waste pop cans, thin scrap metal sheet, scrap metal slag, beer cans, metal bottles,cola cans, beverage cans, paint bucket, tin can and so on. As long as the metal can be crushed, pulverized material is very easy to carry out transport, easy to feed steel, also reduces the number of feed lot.

Fote scrap metal crusher is mainly applied to the large-scale reclamation depot and used to break the cans into ideal pellets, so that the transport cost can be reduced. The users of Fote metal crusher can adopt different allocations according to material species, scale and requirements of the final products.

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