The Cube, a glowing, giant inflatable tent situated on South Street Seaport, looks like it would be more at home resting on the Coachella polo grounds than New York City’s streets. Yet as I made my way inside it on Saturday night for a Sound Off Yoga class, I found a scene that was far more civilized than one might ever find in Indio—but just as cool.

In the front of the room on a makeshift stage, a DJ looked to be busy at work, but there was no music thumping from the speakers. On the floor in front of him, a group of 20 and 30-something ladies (and a few gentlemen) were limbering up on their yoga mats. Those who wore fluorescent athletic gear stood out, illuminated by the neon backlighting. It combined elements of several other trendy workout-slash-party events out there right now, like the hugely popular Daybreaker dance parties or black light yoga classes. 

Nearly in unison, (except for the attendees who were still focused on getting a good selfie—I can’t blame them, the lighting was pretty chill), my classmates put on their noise-canceling, over-the-ear headphones and jumped into a seated, cross-legged position. I followed suit. Ahhh…there it was! I could hear Gina, our instructor, walking us through the opening vinyasa flow movements. And DJ Panic’s deep house, Miami poolside-style beats, layered with the sound of trickling water in the background, were pumped through my headset.