Her 9-to-5: Physical Therapy Aide at St. John’s Hospital and Postureworks, a private clinic, both in Santa Monica, CA.

Her fitness side hustle: Instructor at Cardio Barre in Santa Monica and Hollywood.

Her story: Before working as a full-time physical therapy aide, Ahrold was a full-time professional dancer. She needed a good way to make money between gigs, so when a relative opened a Cardio Barre studio two years ago, she decided it was the perfect way to earn some cash on the side. “The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Cardio Barre requires its instructors to be professional dancers, so it was definitely the right fit for me,” says Ahrold.

But after she started at Cardio Barre, she decided to switch gears and leave dancing to work toward a career in physical therapy (PT). Now, Ahrold is prepping for her PT degree by working as an aide—but she still maintains her Cardio Barre side hustle as well, teaching anywhere between 9 to 13 classes per week.

 So why does the barre instructor, um, balance two jobs? “I can never do just one thing; I won’t be satisfied,” she begins. She’s also in it for the people. “I love inspiring people to become better versions of themselves—and they’re the ones who really keep me going,” she reveals.

But the people aren’t the only ones who benefit from Ahrold’s devotion to her fitness gig: She comes out stronger, too. “Ever since I started teaching, I’m happier, more social, and I feel healthier and more fit,” she says. “Yes, I have home and work, but everyone needs a third place that keeps them sane, and Cardio Barre is mine.”

And finally, her time in class has helped her improve at her regular PT gig, too. “My time at Cardio Barre has set me up to thrive in fast-paced, high-energy situations. I feel I am a better leader at work, and I can communicate better than I did before,” she begins. “I truly believe that my time as a fitness instructor is why I am cool and calm under pressure,” she concludes.

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