You’re already toting groceries in cute canvas bags, buying organic and recycling everything. Now focus that eco-consciousness energy on your fitness wardrobe—and routine. When it comes to your workout, a few simple tweaks, such as running outside instead of on a treadmill can help save energy. Plus your muscles, and mind, will feel invigorated thanks to the sunshine and fresh air. And your apparel can look just as fresh thanks to a few of our favorite brands that are redefining eco-friendly gear. (Think bold, bright colors and flattering, sexy silhouettes.) We rounded up a few of our favorite picks for spring, from swimwear to leggings, but when shopping on your own, here's a tip: Check labels for terms such as “recycled polyester,” “organic cotton” and “hemp.” Earth Day is right around the corner (April 22), but you’ll want to sport these chic and conscious apparel and gear finds all year-round.