Back then, my body was a work in progress, and I was mostly fine with it. My fascination with Stacey, however, got me obsessed with indoor cycling. Unlike hard-to-get Charlee, Stacey would engage with my quiet flirtations. Stacey would come to my bike and turn it up six notches. I donít know if it was the ďcool girl validationĒ (because Stacey is cool), the thrill of being near her, or if I was indeed having ďbicuriousĒ urges (Iím straight), but I literally felt like I could fly in those classes. After a few months, my body was smaller, tighter, and I barely realized Iíd been exercising. Iíve held on to that standard of fitness ever since.

After a few years, Stacey became too popular. I couldnít get into her classes anymore, and she had far too many worshippers for me to even remotely compete. But I learned that a girl-crush at the gym is motivating. Scoring a class with Charlee, with her anything flies, under-the-radar attitude is one of the reasons I still ride.