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    Health Benefits of Fruit Juice

    Hi friends,

    Health improvements can be made by drinking fruit juice versus conventional soft drinks. The obesity epidemic, particularly among children, is in part caused by the high consumption of conventional soft drinks.

    Just how much or how many soft drinks would be considered permissible - none if you are seeking optimal health.

    The main concern with conventional soft drinks is their high concentration of processed sugars, artificial colorings, flavorings, and carbonation. Yes, even the carbonation (the bubbles and fizz) are known to contribute to health problems. Some experts suggest that the chemistry involved with the carbonation leaches minerals from bones and joints. And no, artificial sweeteners are not the solution, in fact, they cause their own unique problems such as increased inflammation of body tissues.

    So, the ultimate solution is to avoid conventional soft drinks, replacing them with pure water or fruit juice. Juice, although it can also cause health problems in large quantities, is less harmful. But beware that some fruit juices are just disguised soft drinks. You must look at the label of ingredients and take note of what has been added. Seek juices with no added sweeteners, colors, or artificial flavorings. truly the best juice would be that which you make yourself at home. Many commercially prepared juices don't make it into a consumers grocery cart for weeks or months after it's production, diminishing much of it's nutritional benefit other than calories.



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      Originally posted by Torian View Post
      next step is to sell steroid substitutes ;3 that'll surely bring this site to the top!

      But seriously, good job on the forums mate, I know how hard it is to keep it up to date.
      Hi guys,I'm sure the steroid topic will get a lot of posts as well. But also, thank you for your hard work
 and dedication, it's very much appreciated!


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