Introducing Precision Nutrition for Women, the only habit-based whole-food nutrition program, tested over 15 years with 30,000 clients with personal support from the world’s best coaches.

“Sometimes I feel like I can’t control my eating.”

“I feel hopeless — I’ve tried so many things and nothing’s worked for long.”

“I’ve never liked my body.”

Any of those sound familiar?

If so, you’re not alone.

Hi, I’m Dr. John Berardi, co-founder of Precision Nutrition.

Over the past 15 years, my team of expert coaches and I have helped thousands of women gain control over their eating habits and transform their body into something they love.

Even if your life is busier and more stressful than ever…

Even if you’ve tried every diet program on the planet…

Even if you feel lost or hopeless about what to do…

We’re here to support and guide you every step of the way.

About Dr. John Berardi
  • Nutrition and fitness pioneer (over two decades in the health industry)
  • PhD in nutritional biochemistry
  • Coach to Olympic and professional athletes from every major sport
  • Consultant to top companies including Apple, Nike, Equinox, and Virgin
  • Author, writer, and speaker

Precision Nutrition has become the fitness industry’s “final say”.

Here’s something we never expected to happen when we started Precision Nutrition: We’ve developed a reputation as being the “final say” in the fitness industry.

In other words, when women try and fail to get in shape, the lucky ones eventually find their way to us.

And that’s when everything changes for them.

When women choose Precision Nutrition…

Instead of losing weight only to gain it back again, they’re able to lose weight sustainably. That means no more yo-yo dieting ever.

Instead of living in a world where overindulging is a stressful event, they’re able to take the pressure off and make better food choices. Almost like it’s second nature.

Instead of doing it alone and feeling stuck in a rut, they’re able to connect with people who care about their success and who help keep them accountable.

What most women try before getting results with Precision Nutrition.

According to our internal research with current and former clients, here’s what most women have tried before getting results with us:
  • Weight Watchers
  • MyFitnessPal and other calorie counters
  • Jenny Craig and Curves
  • One-on-one personal training
  • Crossfit and other group workouts
  • Popular diets like paleo, juice fasts, cleanses, and low-carb
  • Workout books and magazine articles
Of course, these aren’t necessarily bad options. They end up working for some people. Some better than others.

But eventually, most of these methods and tools begin to break down and fail over time. Personally, I’ve seen it hundreds of times.

The question is: why do they fail?

The problem: too many “surface solutions”; not enough strategy.

Here’s the thing most people don’t understand: All the methods and tools listed above—from the calorie-counters and books to the group exercise classes—are surface solutions.

They help “solve” a surface-level problem.
  • Don’t have a place to exercise? Now you do.
  • Want to track how many calories you eat? Here’s an app to download.
  • Want to know the “best” foods to eat? Read this article.
The only problem with surface-level solutions? They only work for a little while.

They don’t account for the ups and downs of everyday life. They don’t help you develop life-long habits.

And they don’t adapt to your life.

Sure, these surface-solutions are fine when everything is perfect … when things at work are going smoothly, when you’re 100% motivated to exercise, when you’re consistently getting 8 hours of sleep, when you’re not tempted to eat anything “bad” for you.

But what about when life gets in the way?

What happens to our healthy eating habits and stress levels when things get busy or difficult?

What happens when:
  • You’re stressed at work?
  • There’s nothing healthy in the fridge?
  • You don’t have time to go to the gym?
  • You have an argument with a loved one?
  • You just don’t feel motivated?
That’s when we start to feel hopeless and really need support.

That’s when surface-solutions fail, and we end up back where we started.

That’s also when Precision Nutrition steps in.

We’ve seen surface-solutions come and go.

The best-selling diet books that were supposed to “revolutionize” everything? They’re in the bargain bin.

The calorie-counting apps? They’re not helping us make good food choices.

The magazine articles? They’re full of confusing information.

But here at Precision Nutrition, we’ve been helping people eat, move, and live better for over 15 years—and we plan on doing it for another 50.

The reason for our longevity is the same reason we’re able to consistently get great results with our clients.

How we help you: research, personal coaching, solving deep problems, and inspiring incentives.


We’re the largest private nutrition coaching and research company in the world, and our team is made up of the best-trained specialists in the entire health and fitness industry. That’s no joke.

Personal coaching

Become a client with Precision Nutrition and you automatically get a personal coach who takes an active interest in your life and cares about your success.

Instead of giving you a tool or a diet or a “meal plan”, your coach is there to help guide you and keep you accountable, no matter what happens in your life.

Solving deep problems

Instead of providing “surface solutions”, we help you navigate the stuff that inevitably comes up when you’re a busy person, raising a family, juggling a career.

We don’t give you surface solutions. Instead, we help you develop lifelong habits.

With Precision Nutrition, you’ll get a personal coach who will:
  • Listen to your needs and what you want to accomplish
  • Learn how you live
  • Discover what’s important to you
  • Work together with you to create the right nutrition and exercise approach, based on your goals and lifestyle
  • Coach you through the process, helping with the inevitable roadblocks along the way.
Inspiring incentives

There’s one other thing that makes Precision Nutrition different: We realize that big goals like taking control of your health and fitness are often achieved when the stakes are high.

So we started doing something fun and inspiring (and something that causes our accountants to quietly freak out, which we secretly kind of enjoy):

We give away $250,000 in prize money to our clients every year.

That’s a quarter of a million dollars, distributed to the clients who have amazing stories and transformations. Every year.

You can do this. Stop dieting and start feeling better with personal support from a Precision Nutrition coach.

If you’re ready to make a change that will last the rest of your life, I want to introduce to you to Precision Nutrition for Women.

It’s the only habit-based whole-food nutrition program tested over 15 years with 30,000 clients and personal support from the world’s best coaches.

With Precision Nutrition for Women, you will:
  • Get personal help from a coach; she’s there to answer questions and help navigate tough situations with you.
  • Understand how to eat, exercise, and live better, so you never have to diet again.
  • Forget about trying to be perfect and instead practice only the healthy habits that will make the biggest difference for you.
  • Transform your body into something you love and cherish.
  • Get the opportunity to win part of our $250,000 prize, just a little positive motivation!
  • 100% guaranteed. Get all your money back if you don’t get the results you’re looking for. Stick with us for a year, work with your coach, and rest assured it’s 100% guaranteed if you don’t get what you need.
[Important] We have a very limited number of spots.

We only open Precision Nutrition for Women twice per year and it sells out fast. Last year, we filled every available spot in less than 24 hours.

Since we only take a limited number of clients each round, we expect spots in this program to sell out even faster.

So if you’re interested in working with us, I highly recommend you get on our special presale list below.

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If you’re ready to stop dieting once and for all…

If you’re ready to get support and advice from a trusted coach…

…then the Precision Nutrition coaches and I can’t wait to work with you.

Put your name on the presale list below, and I’ll talk with you soon.