On Wednesday, March 11th, we’re opening registration for the next Precision Nutrition Level 2 Certification Master Class. For more info about the program, read this short article.

When we launched our beta version of the Precision Nutrition Level 2 Master Class in July 2014, we were blown away by the response. Within an hour we sold every single spot!

With over 20,000 Precision Nutrition Level 1 Graduates, and only a few spots available for the March Level 2 group, I’m guessing the same thing will happen again.

Which is why I recommend joining the free Master Class VIP list here.

By joining this list you’ll get the chance to register early, before everyone else. Plus you’ll receive a big discount. But for now…

Results, Precision Nutrition style.

People have long wondered:

“How does Precision Nutrition get such incredible, life-changing body transformations?”

Our clients tell us:

“It’s like you’re reading my mind! How did you know that this is what I really needed to stay motivated? That this was the key to my success?”

We just smile modestly. Keep quietly innovating. Motivating. Inspiring. Changing bodies and lives.

And creating apparently magical results, like these.

Click the play button to watch “365 days of Precision Nutrition”.

Until now, we’ve kept most of our day-to-day coaching methods secret.

In fact, no one — except the folks we hire to be full-time PN coaches — has ever been given behind-the-scenes access to our coaching system.

Well, that’s about to change.

Because it’s time to change the game.

For your clients. For your business. And frankly, for the entire fitness industry.

Yeah, it’s a big claim. But after coaching 45,000 clients, and after developing a crack team of coaching ninjas, I’m pretty sure we can back it up.

A summary of the Level 2 Master Class.

This is the exact training program we use to onboard our in-house supercoaches.

You’ll get backstage access to our newest coaching tools and technologies. And you’ll learn our proven system for delivering the results you want and your clients need. You’ll get to…
  • Apprentice with Precision Nutrition to become an elite, super-coach.
  • Go beyond “competent” and become “100% confident” with all clients.
  • Work directly with, and be mentored by, Dr. Berardi and the PN team.
  • Apply PN’s advanced coaching tools, techniques, and technologies.
  • Be accountable and get pushed to become the best coach you can be.
  • Solve real client problems with supervision from PN’s master coaches.
Just remember: The PN Level 2 Certification Master Class is the program we use to train our own coaches. Which means you’ll learn to coach confidently and competently, and at a world-class level.

You’ll better serve clients, helping them make important — possibly even life-saving — changes to their health, fitness, and performance.

And you’ll see how to grow a sustainable business that thrives where other coaches struggle.

Seriously, it’s time to get excited!

The Master Class curriculum

If you’re wondering what we have in store for you in the Level 2 Master Class, you can check out the outline below. It details the entire course and includes a weekly breakdown of what you’ll learn.

Click this image to download a PDF of the Level 2 Curriculum.

Even more about the Master Class.

To learn more about why we created this course and what you can expect to get out of it, check out the videos below. You’ll both learn some great stuff and get a better sense for the program.

Video #1
Coaches are made not born: Becoming the ultimate coach
If you’re passionate about fitness and have switched careers to do more coaching, this is a must-see.
Watch time – 4 minutes

Video #2
Applying your knowledge: Developing a system
Lots of folks struggle translating theory into a practical system. Here’s how to get started.
Watch time – 2 minutes

Video #3:
The secret weapon: How to forge a coaching relationship
If you’ve ever felt “on your own” when improving yourself, this insight might change everything.
Watch time – 4 minutes

Video #4
Finding a mentor: Yes, even coaches need coaching
If you’re a coach, you must believe in the power of coaching. So shouldn’t you be getting some yourself?
Watch time – 3 minutes

Video #5
Working with tough clients: How to do it
Tough or complex clients can zap your confidence and make you question your expertise. Not any more.
Watch time – 3 minutes

Join the VIP list, secure a spot, and save money.

If you’re interested in finding out more, we’ve set up this VIP page. There, you can also get on the VIP list, which gives you two advantages.
  1. First, if you’re on the VIP list, you pay less.
  2. Second, you increase your chances of getting a spot in the program.
The truth is, this program is in demand. In our last group, we filled every spot in about 1 hour. We expect current spots to go more quickly.

So, if you’re interested in…
  • A full year of daily lessons, hands-on practice, and mentorship
  • Case study opportunities derived from working with real PN clients
  • Back-stage access to all our latest coaching tools and techniques
  • Regular feedback, evaluation, and assessment so you stay on track
  • Accountability so that you’re continually challenged to be better
  • Pn2 certificate and listing in our online index of professionals
  • And more…
Check it out…