To claim that diseased kidneys can be regenerated will surely raise a lot of eyebrows. It is now assumed that those facing dialysis or even transplants because of kidney disease will never one day be able to have their kidneys healed.

Some branches of non-traditional or non-Western medicine have actually had good success treating and even regenerating diseased kidneys with carefully crafted herbal treatments. But certainly the Western style of allopathic medicine has often been reluctant to consider the possibility of regeneration and healing, let alone actually embrace the idea.

However, there is now evidence, coming from Western medical research itself, that kidneys can indeed be regenerated. A team working through Brigham and womens Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, and the University of Pittsburgh have discovered stem cells in zebra fish kidneys that can be transplanted into other zebra fish to generate new nephrons.

New Evidence That Kidneys Can Be Regenerated |

Hopefully, this could pave the way for more studies on the use of stem cell research towards a protocol to regenerate a diseased kidney. If this will be a success, I am sure a lot of kidney patients would get benefited. May that day soon arrive at our doors.