Trans fats are made by solidifying oils during a process called partial hydrogenation. The oil is heated, and hydrogen bubbles are passed through it. During this period, the oil acquires a portion of the hydrogen and becomes denser than normal.

Margarine, which is made as described above, accounts for nearly one quarter of the trans fats we consume today. If you’re eating margarine to avoid the saturated fats found in butter, you’re doing your body a huge disservice, as the trans fats in margarine are far worse for your body than the fats found in butter. Fortunately, there are now some varieties of margarine without trans fat.

Even though you need to eat fat to lose fat, you really do need to discriminate when it comes to the types of fat you consume. Omega-3 fatty acids are one of the most powerful health tools we’ve discovered in years, because in addition to their innate health benefits, they also keep you feeling satisfied during your weight loss program.

Like protein and fiber, healthy fats play an important role in balancing your insulin and glucose levels. In the following chapters, you will learn how to use these natural substances to keep blood glucose in check. You’ll soon be choosing foods that keep those levels well under control, instead of causing them to skyrocket and crash as they were before. Rest assured, your body will thank you for that—and not just with virtually effortless weight loss, but also a healthier overall system renewed energy for life.