Grease for Sand, the role is very large, the right to choose whether grease lubrication performance is good, clean grease productivity issues, etc., and Sand's close relationship exists. Hereafter, we have to explain in detail how to grease the right choice. Most of the use of grease in the sand making machine equipment , which require less than the rated speed of light oil lubrication, but it is very convenient and easy.
Clean bearing grease is to ensure reliable operation of the important conditions to extend bearing life, and we must pay attention to the tightness of bearings, seals choose the best form. In the crusher is usually best two labyrinth seal and a skeleton-like, from the actual usage, the effect is very significant. The sand making machine higher viscosity grease k value, under the same conditions, the bearing life will be longer. Above, only the viscosity of the grease work better lifting device temperature, to better enhance the viscosity ratio k value.
For high cost river gravel sand maker production base , the choice of a large high-temperature viscosity grease is the best option. When the use of equipment crushing limestone, aluminum ore and other materials should be used ZL-4H synthetic lithium grease lubricated bearings as the main use.
When broken cement clinker, the best production process, is discharged through a high temperature kiln clinker is cooled transported to the yard, it will once again enter into them again in the Sand treatment process. If still no clinker after cooling to control the temperature into the clinker crusher cavity, usually into the machine chamber temperature required to maintain clinker than 150 degrees Celsius, the choice ZFG-3 calcium complex grease.