In modern industry, superfine powder has imperceptibly into one, such as paper, paper sizing, common to add a 10%& ultrafine powder 20%, in high-grade copper plate paper, kaolin (or calcium carbonate) added quantity of superfine powder of up to 40%, And as the plastic product, the addition amount of modified superfine powder, according to the different requirements of the products can be up to 30%& 50%, Has been as high as 70% in some of the adding amount of PVC products,
Ultrafine powder in plastic, rubber, electronics, cable, paints and coatings, abrasive,
raymond mill, drugs, cosmetics, ceramics, building materials,
food processing and household electrical appliances such as USA amount greatly, the production of flour on the provisions of the add a certain amount of talcum powder, Ultrafine powder of more than 6000 meshes are added to the plastic products (such as TV cabinet), can not only improve the product appearance size, smoothness, color, touch and other physical indicators, can also improve product strength, elasticity, toughness and resistance to aging leisurely, So the fineness requirements of ultrafine powder is the priority among priorities of processing techniques, superfine powder processing equipment - Raymond mill is the high standard requirements,
Then the flour raymond mill to what satisfy superfine powder require it, carefully study by many engineers, absorbing domestic and foreign advanced technology, successfully developed based on three ring Raymond Raymond flour mill on the mill, mainly used for a variety of Mohs hardness of less than 6 grade non flammable and explosive brittle material, Raymond mill and other flour mill compared the features:
First, special classifier Raymond grinding device
(1) using a large amount of processing, can meet the 1250 objective single wheel classifier,
Increasing the number of blades of the impeller, so as to increase the centrifugal force field, reduce the thickness of the blade, reducing the powder gas resistance,
The reasonable design of block machine shell,
The rational design of the gas sealing structure, prevent coarse particles from the impeller face mixing impeller internal pollution products,
(2) under the premise of ensuring the transportation capacity, rated air blower is reduced greatly, and the wind pressure is greatly increased, in order to overcome the increase produced lead hand high-speed impeller classifier after resistance,
(3) to design the relative elevation of the rational classification and flour mill grinding zone location,
(4) in the motor circuit classifier series current meter and current relay, powder concentration regulation in gas,
(5) isolation soft connection is adopted between the classifier and the flour mill host, prevent classifier damaged,
Second, wind selecting Raymond grinding system
(1) the blower selection of high pressure, low flow,
(2) modify the return air box design of the host, transverse machine reducing bellows vortex shell product, in order to meet the requirements of small flow, high pressure, At the same time increase the return air box plate thickness, increasing the rigidity and strength,
(3) the air delivering pipeline layout must be short, and to the smooth transition,