Sand making machine in working process due to various reasons inevitably shake, if long-term vibration will cause the screw and other parts of the loose even fall off, this is also one of the reasons we emphasize the need for regular maintenance on the sand making machine equipment. So how can we reduce the sand making machine vibration?
1, spiral steel wire rope vibration isolator. Wire rope as the damping element, high frequency with low frequency damping variable parameter properties of low stiffness, which can effectively reduce the vibration of the machine body. Compared with the traditional rubber vibration source, with oil resistance, corrosion resistance, temperature, high temperature resistance, aging resistance and small volume etc., nonlinear hysteretic characteristics of vibration isolation effect mainly depends on its.
2, hydraulic vibration. Hydraulic support system is the structure of the traditional rubber bearing and hydraulic damping is integrated in the low frequency range, providing larger damping, the engine vibration to the rapid attenuation effect, in the high frequency with low dynamic stiffness, can effectively reduce the vibration and noise of the cab.
3, rubber vibration isolator. The traditional engine with elastic support to reduce vibration, vibration isolation device has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, reliable performance. Rubber bearing is usually installed in the frame, according to the stress situation into the compression type, shear type and shear compression composite type etc..