during operation of the ball mill, the ball will continue to be Crusher Machine squeezed and material impact action with other balls, and then wear occurs. Final product quality and mill productivity of the mill has a great impact on the wear after the ball, it is necessary to analyze the factors that caused the ball to wear what.
1) ball diameter and speed
ball diameter, the higher the speed, the greater ball velocity. When the mill diameter of more than 3m will increase after the ball impact force, increased wear and tear. But speed can not be too low, otherwise it will affect the efficiency of the mill.
2) ball diameter ratio and loading
larger diameter balls, the greater the quality of grinding balls, ball speed is constant, the kinetic energy of the greater when the falling balls, balls have been hit becomes. Loading ball the greater the probability of collision between the ball and the ball, the greater the wear process, the more tendency fatigue wear. The ratio between the size of the ball on the wear process also affect the probability of collision between the balls of the same diameter of more, and the higher the probability of the impact Quarry Crusher, the more likely that fatigue wear wear process. the hardness of the material nature

3) material, brittleness, size and shape of the cutting process and so on the ball has a very important impact. Such as when the material is much lower than the hardness of steel ball hardness, fatigue, wear a large proportion of the ball.
4) the type and nature of
media at the ball, the same material conditions, wet than the dry grinding wear more serious. In the case of wet grinding, and if the ball has some acid and alkaline media contact, it will definitely cause corrosion. Corrosion and wear each other incentives, plus cutting destroys the passivation film material, increased corrosion, resulting in ball wear in wet grinding conditions was significantly higher than the value of corrosion and wear superimposed when acting alone.