major research ball expert found within a wet ball mill ball motion is affected by many factors, the most important factor has two main: ① Ball Mill speed of n; ② The ball milling filling rate p.
For a detailed summary of the wet ball mill in the state of motion is affected by many factors Quarry Crusher, experts in the ball mill for a careful observation of the state of motion and make an accurate analysis:
First, when the ball mill and built a certain time, with the accelerate the speed of the mill, ball mill will be spilled inside the falling off change, even centrifugal operation state, the description of the state and simplified the ball movement speed are closely related.
Secondly, when the mill speed is constant, only install a ball will bounce in the lowest position of the mill, in order to increase the number of balls, the ball is in the lowest position arranged in a line beat. Irresolute full line then ranked second row, third row ,, after a certain amount of ball, the ball bearing in the ball mill to form a ramp p rise was the top when rolling along the quilt. Diarrhea was the fall-state. With the increase of the amount of the ball, the ball bearing rising height increases until throwing swing motion. Thus, the movement of the ball bearing state is also closely related to the ball filling ratio P.
again, lining the mill simplified shapes also within the discretion of motion video with the ball, lining the ribs is high, the ball bearing lifting force, skills upgrading to a high number. Smooth lining the ball to enhance the role of the weak. Only when loaded in the ball mill, ball slide between powerful, if put into ore, block sliding between the balls. That pulp mill concentration c also affects ball motion.
Finally, even were balls, big balls slip badly, small balls slide weaker. Those living in large size ball inner, outer dimensions of the small residence, which also affects the d ball size ball motion. Dry grinding or wet grinding mills, and even the nature of the mineral aggregate, etc. all affect the state of motion of the ball mill. Therefore, the state of motion within the ball mill is a state function. It changes depending on a number of factors change.