improved means to prevent the end of the grinding mill a spit ash, improve energy saving ball mill grinding sealing method, the three steps: 1. On the outer end of the spiral tube feeding an additional length of 200mm spiral tube, spiral blades site welding, extended festival with screws and original spiral tube is coupled with the mill; 2. Add a felt ring positioned in the outer end of the extension section, industrial blankets off after installation Sand Making Machine, one side painted butter, the circle and the spiral tube 200mm longer section with countersunk screws coupling; not rotate 3. Felt outer end to set up a friction seal ring, set in the hopper, on-site production and welding the two lever, so that, later in the spring with several only against the spring seat and the hopper welded together, so that the end face ring always felt coherent picture, without being affected part worn blankets. Seal ring have space and into the hopper cylindrical 5mm diameter, and this gap is plugged with cotton dipped in butter, plus a retainer plate, the plate with screws and seal ring and tighten. When installing the hopper to pay attention to the installation position Tuikai 200mm, so that the length of the extended section of the spiral tube. Second, improve cement mill feed end. (1) In the grinding infeed end fully welded a rotating bell, so that the material directly rotating spiral slide moves forward smoothly. And for feeding largemouth poured bevel improved, install a rotating screw connection spout holding concentric feed nozzles, rotating in the material brought up on the right on the slide into the spiral bevel. (2) feed tube inserted into the reduced diameter portion of the spiral tube (about 200mm), additional feed pipe welding a thickness of 8mm, outside diameter beyond the original spiral tube diameter of about 15mm stopper gray circle. This not only increases the feed tube and spiral tube wall of the gap, making it difficult to fill material, another layer of Ash ring, preventing the material outside crowded. (3) adjusting the separator back to the tube on the flap valve, separator ash back into the spiral tube as uniformly as possible, at the same time, spiral tube structure for local improvements. Third, improvements in the operation, such as adjusting the grinding grading and loading capacity, the mill of a warehouse of the first and second rows of liner installation flat lining or classifying liners and accelerate the mill feed material and grinding mouth passage within the material; cyclic loading rate adjustment separator, to prevent positive pressure operation and micro-negative pressure operation.