A obediently obedient mechanical equipment, for the user is a great honor, the guarantee of production efficiency and efficiency for the development of enterprises has a non-general force. Therefore, the processing of mineral powder enterprises, the finished product quality and production is the first choice when the purchase of equipment, Shanghai SBM ultrafine mill equipment can be processed 300 mesh - 3000 mesh fineness, how to control the ultra-fine grinding What is the fineness and production of the powder?
Knowing SBM customers know that the size of our ultrafine mill is inversely proportional to the yield, as long as it is in the case of high fineness requirements, the output is bound to be low. This is because the fineness of the high requirements means that the speed of the analyzer part of the speed, the rough material is passed, to re-down the grinding. This will lengthen the material in the mill inside the grinding time, that is, in the unit time out of the finished product for a long time, so the amount will be reduced.
In the production process of ultra-fine milling machine, air volume and fineness of the conditioning is necessary to be carried out often. In order to meet the needs of production, we must master the grinding machine conditioning some common sense, today we share with you several commonly used ultra-fine milling machine to adjust the fineness of the method:
The diameter of the spacer - the diameter of the spacer determines the time at which the particles stay in the crushing chamber of the ultrafine mill. The larger the diameter of the spacer, the shorter the residence time of the particles, the larger the particle size of the crushed product, the higher the yield, and vice versa
Air volume - can be controlled by adjusting the air volume at the exit of the ultrafine mill. Increase the volume of the product, the particle size of the product increases, and vice versa; the amount of slag, adjust the slagging capacity of the slagging device to control the slag volume, can improve product quality and purity;
At the same time, in the internal regulation of the impeller and the gap is also the impact of ultra-fine milling machine production fineness and production of one of the reasons, the gap is reduced, finished thinning; gap increases, finished thicker.
If you have any questions about how to control the production fineness and production of ultrafine grinders, please feel free to call our hotline for details. Shanghai SBM for your all-round and thoughtful service.