Sand making machine is a production of construction sand, stone special equipment. So when the sand machine work, need to pay attention to what kind of details? Shanghai SBM Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will be below to introduce you to start sand making machine is the need to pay attention to the details of the problem.
After starting the sand making machine, if the broken cavity is found to have abnormal sound, should immediately stop the sand machine operation. And restart the sand making machine only after identifying and eliminating the abnormal percussion. Sand making machine must be started in the absence of load, when the sand machine in the air load after the normal operation of the material to the sand production. In order to reduce the start of large-scale sand making machine, the flywheel should not rotate the angle so that the connecting rod gravity can help rotate. For this reason, an automatic pick-and-hook type dynamic device driven by a dedicated small motor is sometimes used.
Shanghai SBM produced by the VSI series of sand making machine and 6S sanding machine broken sandy grain size uniformity and high compressive strength, than the natural sand more in line with the requirements of high standards of construction sand, Shanghai SBM sand machine running simple and reliable, energy efficient, More than 50% energy saving than traditional equipment, welcome to visit the factory.