We all know that China has a large number of metal and non-metallic minerals and other mineral resources, with China's economic development, mining machinery industry is also constantly developing and innovating, but these resources in the mining and processing process accompanied by about 20 % Of the tailings are not rational use, has about billions of tons of tailings accumulation, take up a lot of land, causing environmental pollution. If the appropriate sorting and processing, a lot of tailings can be made artificial sand, both to solve the problem of environmental pollution, but also improve the utilization of resources, the formation of comprehensive benefits. Professional crusher sand machine manufacturer Shanghai SBM, the company produces various models of sand making machine, to provide you with sand machine prices and technical advisory services, our company has been to customer satisfaction for the pursuit of the past, continuous innovation, and constantly go beyond , Continue to challenge, and strive to provide customers with 100 percent of the quality of sand machine. We believe that the quality of products is the life of enterprises, but also pursue the integrity, pragmatic and efficient operation of the country, adhere to the quality of the brand, to enhance the service brand.
When the purchase of the third generation of sand making machine, how to properly install, it is a very important issue, if not properly installed, will lead to the entire sand production line to stop the operation, not only will bring damage, more importantly, Damage to the operator of the sand making machine. Shanghai SBM to tell you how to properly install sand making machine.
Shanghai SBM third generation sand making machine is mainly composed of hopper, sub-feeder, vortex crushing chamber, impeller, spindle, base, transmission, bracket and other components. In a variety of sand and gravel production lines and sand production lines, sand making machines are generally associated with the crusher to re-broken equipment. So its installation and crusher have a lot to do. Depending on the location of the crushing site, the location of the third generation sand making machine will be different. Usually installed in the factory or open field operations. Shanghai SBM third generation sand making machine before the installation, first in accordance with the packing list to check, check the various parts in the transport process with or without wear and tear. Installation should be sand leveling machine to make its spindle and horizontal plane vertical, Shanghai SBM sand machine on both sides and both sides should be left with the appropriate space to prepare for lifting and maintenance when used. After the installation is complete, should still be a comprehensive inspection, for example: whether the oil pipe is connected firmly. Shanghai SBM sanding machine before the trial operation must be re-added a lubricant, and check the connection between the parts are solid and reliable, whether there are foreign bodies on the impeller, the motor wiring is correct. After running, if abnormal circumstances should immediately stop running.