Carbon graphite materials commonly used in the production of crushing equipment, including ball mill, hanging roller mill and tooth plate fast mill and so on. This type of crushing machinery is generally used to handle finer materials, producing powdered particles (typically below 0.15 mm). Its common feature is broken than large (all in 50 or more). Some milling machines need to have a certain amount of broken media, such as the use of steel ball for the Ore Milling Equipment, steel rods for the media, such as rod mill. Some milling machines do not need the media, broken parts are not in contact with each other, such as hanging roller mill, tooth plate fast mill and so on. Carbon graphite materials are commonly used in industrial production of ball mill and hanging roller mill. In the production of carbon graphite materials, widely used ball mill crushing. The ball mill is a circular or conical cylinder welded (or caulked) with thick steel plates, which are supported by two hollow journals. The end cap of both ends of the cylinder is provided with an extracurrant discharge device. The inner wall is fitted with white iron or manganese steel liner (fixed with a special thread and nut on the cylinder). In order to facilitate the replacement of the lining plate and the addition of the steel ball, the middle part of the cavity is opened with a rectangular hole. Board block on. Ball machine by the motor by the reducer and large gear driven. When the ground material and a certain number of steel balls rotate with the cylinder, the steel balls and the prunes are pressed against the liner by the centrifugal force. When reached a certain height, the ball and the material of the whereabouts of the fall when the ball will be shattered. At the same time in the cylinder rotation, the ball and materials, materials and linings, between the ball and liner, have to produce relative displacement and sliding, Jiao material by repeated grinding, particle invasion is getting smaller and smaller. The production capacity of the ball machine is related to many factors, but it is closely related to the speed of the ball mill, the shape of the ball, the shape of the liner, the size of the pipe, and the operation. Practice has proved that the size of the ball mill speed, the production capacity of the ball mill a great impact. The reason is easy: when the ball mill slow rotation, the role of tennis in the friction, with the cylinder up, but the rise is not high, the Luan fell to the bottom of the tube. At this time the grinding only copper ball and the relationship between the grinding material. So the production efficiency of the ball mill is very low. With the increase in the speed of the ball mill, the centrifugal force increases, the ball rises higher, and then under the action of gravity, the ball and cylinder meat, along the parabolic fall, and material broken. If the speed of the ball mill to speed up the other step to speed up the centrifugal force over the ball weight, the more the ball close to the inner wall of the four barrels, and the cylinder wall & mdash; from the rotation, the ball attached to the cylinder wall and can not fall The minimum speed is called the critical speed, and the speed corresponding to this & mdash; speed is called the critical speed.