Hello everyone, i have some issues with food, the food i get is enough to kill a hunger, but i think it's not enough for workout ( i'm afraid i will not get any results in mass increase ).
I was working out for maybe 3-4 months, but i had no results at all, maybe just increased in strengh and a bit pumped my muscles for a temporary time, also i didnt worked out perfectly, did some mistakes, because i was new to gym and overall exercises, but now i did some research and know alot more than before, so i am ready to go back.So here's the fun part:

I am pretty lazy person for making food that takes long time to cook ( 20min+ ), so all i eat mostly is fried eggs, fried french fries and sandwitches ( 3 product ones: sausage, margarine and bread ), 50cm pizzas and rarely some pasta like a 1time in a half month.
My eating example is like that:
Day1: 5 fried eggs with a mix of sausage and 4 sandwitches
Day2: 6 Sandwitches, tea
Day3: French fries mixed with sausages and eggs and 4 sandwitches+tea.
Day4: 6 fried eggs
Day5: pasta and 2 sandwitches
And so on.. Yes i eat mostly 1 time per day and mostly before bed. The reason why i eat not much is money. Not enough of money at the moment + i am geek kind of guy, so i do not have much time to eat, especially make for myself.

My body info:
Height: ~1.78m
Weight: 55kg ( Since i was 17yo )
Age: 22

Other info:
I smoke alot.
My physical activity is very low.

Also i have pretty fast(big) metabolism, when i was younger like 18yo i ate alot like around 3-4x per day for like 3months in other words i was over-eating and i still was pretty skinny, not gained noticeable weight, just like a 2 or 3 kg's but after that it droped back to 55kg.

My goal is to reach "Man" Look instead of a "Boy", because i look very skinny and people thinks i am 16 year old what i hate, also i dont even have hair on my chest and other common male hair places, except "the bottom" and some small beard focused on the chin

So what do you guys think ? Am i really screwed up with my living style or there's still worth a shot ? If it's worth maybe there's some special exercise program for me ? Throw smoking should be first step ( I've noticed that i can build some muscles, but not fat - fat is near to impossible for me ).