I am a male, or boy, thirteen years old, four feet and ten inches tall, and I have a weight of ninety pounds.
My sister is eighteen years old and weighs eighty pounds, but she is shorter than the average eighteen year old female. Five feet and one inch tall is my guess. I don't know her exact height.
My thirteen to fourteen year old classmates in school are slightly to a lot taller than me, and most of them are a little bit heavier than one hundred pounds.
My older sister makes me feel like I am a little bit overweight for a thirteen year old, but half of my friends are taller than her. My younger sister is twelve years old and seventy pounds, so I am confused with my body. Am I doing something wrong that is making me shorter than my classmates? What can I do to make myself taller, if my height isn't normal? Am I slightly overweight for a four feet and ten inch tall thirteen year old male?