I love running and tracking all my health stats, i'm looking for the best and most comprehensive heart-rate wrist watch on the market for 100-300$ that doesn't use a chest strap. The "Basis Peak" is the first one I came upon and it's almost exactly what I want. It runs all day, sort of like the nike fuelband or jawbone up and it's completely automatic. It can tell when you start a workout or when you sleep and will automatically start tracking, you don't have to pay any attention to the watch at all. It can track your heart rate, your steps walked, calories burned, sleep patterns, respiration rate, body temperature, etc. It can also sync with my iphone and upload to the ios8 health app and it's own app which is nice because I heard the previous basis watch wasn't compatible with some big health apps on the iphone.

This is the first watch I came upon and I'm not really sure what else is out there. Is there any other watches that can compete with the Basic Peak that I should look into? I'm open to any suggestions, the biggest thing is that it doesn't need a chest strap to read my heart rate and that it's accurate. There's no point in getting one if it's not very accurate.