After reading all 88 pages of the phos. acid thread over the last few days...Gonna do my first log here. So any constructive criticism along the way is all good! I will get measurements as of today (Day 1) and make updates along the way. Here is what I have been using for the last 2 months and will still be on during this log:between 3030-3060 calories/day (I do not eat junk food)
ON Creatine (Creapure)
Nutriforce Beta Alanine (Carnosyn)
2-3g EPA/DHA fish oil
Controlled Labs Orange Triad
whey protein (not every day)
I use a few different pre-workouts but will refrain from Hemavol or other pump type pre's during this log

Current stats:
188 lbs
Arms: will update soon
Chest: will update soon
Legs: will update soon
waist 34

Will be taking 2 Tbl spoons of Soy-L about 40mins-1 hour pre-workout
I train 5 days/week and rest (very light cardio 20 mins) 2 days
Train Chest, Legs, Back, Shoulders, Arms on the five set days for each body part, rest days are thrown in where most needed. Order is usually Legs, Chest, Arms, Back, Shoulders but not always on the same day each week. Try to stick in the 4-6 rep range for most compound lifts with a few isolation type exercise thrown in at the end at the 8-12 rep range.
Please let me know any other vital info I am leaving out before I get going here, any words of wisdom always accepted!