I just started making shakes and with these ingredients:2 cups of milk

4 tbsps of peanut butter

3 tbsps of coconut oil

1 whole banana

1 scoop of whey protein

3 raw eggs

This totals out to around 1500 calories, 70 g protein.

I used to take shakes of around 800 calories a day several months ago to no avail so I boosted it up. I just started working out again after 2 months of not due to classes.

If I take 2 of these shakes a day, with 1 additional meal or maybe 2, Will I finally see a change in my weight?

I ask because although I may not eat 5-6 meals a day because these shakes fill me up for so long, will getting in the calories by the end of the day make a difference as opposed to spreading out my meals?