Hello,So after reading Mark Rippetoes Starting Strength, I have realized my squat form is bad and could result in injury and I have decided to re-invent it. The video below is a video of me squatting. The squat video starts at 34 and I start with the high bar squat using a rake lol, I can barely reach parallel before I am restricted and cannot go any further. Why is this? Are there any stretches I should do to improve. At 53 seconds I move the bar up to my neck (to get it over the mid foot) and I can squat to parallel but with noticeable buttwink.

Thanks for your help. As my posts are below 50 I cannot post the actual link, so if someone would feel inclined could you please post it below? Just remove the spaces and paste into the search bar. Thanks so much.

VID LINK: /ww w.y out ube.c om/wa tch?v=zhhl ZSVUYzM