Hello. I am a guy (17 turning 18; approx 178cm Tall), currently 89-90kg (lost 12kg over the last 7 weeks). I want to lose weight and achieve being skinny. I do not want to be anorexic but I feel I could settle for around 65kg of weight. I also am not interested in muscle tone and yes, I know having an increased muscle mass boosts your metabolism. At the moment I have 4-5 chicken kebabs (flavored) thrown into a bowl of rice with some egg for the mornings and whatever my mum cooks at night. On days when I have friends over (usually twice a week from morning to midnight) I may pull out the Mountain Dew and drink a few. I also attend the gym occasionally and do 20 mins on the treadmil (working up more than 200kcal), 20 mins on the bike (pedals at front; 100-150kcal). By then I go home and continue my lazy life as usual. Because I am either with friends for the two days or doing just about nothing.

I find that I can maintain weight by just eating a little bit more but until I hit my goal I plan on sticking to what I am currently doing. Is there any tips/changes to my dieting you would suggest or even some more exercises?

Update : Noting that the Kebabs, rice and eggs are separated over approx 5 bowls (approx 3 cups of rice; probably less because I do not eat the burnt rice at the bottom of the cooker.)