Hey all,a friend of my is doing the Isagenix coaching/ business thing. She is of course hoping I may starting buying Whey through her. Which would be great to do if the product she's selling is good. I'm having trouble finding much on the Isagenix brand Whey protein. The main sell point for it seems to be that the cows are not grain fed, no antibiotics, no hormones etc. the macros seem decent, however she was unable to provide and amino acid profile, and seems reluctant to tell me the price!!!!!

Anyway, have you guys heard of this at all? any experience with Isagenix? it's like one of the those "beachbody" buy everything from us sort of deals. I'm leary, but at the same point wouldn't minding "keeping the money in the family" so to speak. would this powder compare at all to Optimum or Dymatize?

Thanks for any thoughts or experience you may have with Isagenix proteins.