its been nearly 2 and a half month since i last joined gym and started working out and loosing weight. Thanks to tons of compound exercise and right diet in my food like broccoli and cabbages(boiled) i have lost a significant of 15 pounds. but my goal now is to get that six pack abs and have decent muscle gains all over the body. I donot want to be all bulky and stuffs but i just want to have a good and strong physique. i came across this intermittent fasting. Coincidently i was eating in the time frame of 11am-6pm and for rest of the time i didnot had anything. that is about 15-16hrs of fasting. but the problem is i do not have much time in the morning to hit the gym because i need to go to the college at 6am sharp. so i go to the gym around the time frame of 3pm-4pm.

i really want to loose that sick belly fat. can you help me with the tips that i need to do to get that six packs in about next 3-4 months of duration. thank you.

and also can intermittent fasting for about 18hrs can really do the trick rather than 16hrs?