Hey everyone, I'm studying in Torino, Italy for my last semester in college. I'm having a great time but I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for where I should travel.I'm more of a solo traveler since I don't really want to hang out with the other American students I'm with since I want to experience something more visceral. If anyone had any suggestions or advice I'd love to hear it. I have tons of pics and I'm more than happy to hang out with anyone in the region.

Any good advice I receive I'll post pics to the thread of going there. I have a decent amount of cash since I got so many scholarships (finally paid off being a good student), so let me know. I'll post pics if anyone wants of some of the places I've already visited. Only been here for two weeks so I've yet to go outside Torino, but I'd love to go other places and I have plenty of pics of where I've been.

And I suck at Italian btw since I was supposed to go to London but didn't find out none of the classes would apply to my major until two months until I was supposed to leave, so I had to switch places at the last minute. I'm more than happy to explore all of Italy though, 'cause I brought along my Rick Stevens Italian Phrasebook 'cause I'm a badass.

Let's make this semester awesome!