I AM WRITING AN ESSAY I AM NOT COMPLETELY DONE WOULD JUST LIKE SOME TO READ WHAT I HAVE SO FAR SEE IF I SHOULD ADD ANYTHING CORRECT SPELLING AND PUNCTUATION (I CAN BE HORRIBLE WITH BOTH PLEASE FORGIVE ME) THANK YOU When people hear “healthy lifestyle” they often think insane diets, being insanely thin, or insane muscles, for me that is not the case. For me a healthy life style is all about treating my body kindly. It is not about a diet or weight management it is just about maintaining a happy and healthy life style by eating right, getting up, and getting out. These are the things all human beings should be doing. We should all be eating whole foods, nourishing our bodies with nutrients, and staying active EVERYDAY. If you ever feel sluggish, depressed, or hungry when you are bored it just might be because of the life style choices you have chosen. Don’t worry though, if you are willing changes can be made!