I tend to walk on the paths here that have more benches. Although I can walk more than I used to be able to, there are still times when I am forced to stop and rest off and on, and I really appreciate having those benches available. I've also mentioned that to the city, because I think many who've never experienced this type of need are unaware of how beneficial something small like a bench can be to those who would like to get some exercise, but are hesitant because they need just the little support of a place to rest/sit. After a month plus of bed rest years back, I basically had to start over, and was walking with a cane, having to stop quite frequently. i no longer use the cane, but I do keep it handy, because occasionally, I will get a back spasm or joint pain that will slow me down or cause me to stop. I moved to this house specifically because I wanted to have to climb stairs daily, to strengthen my back and legs, and it has made a huge difference. I am much stronger than I was back then, have gained muscle and also stability. I would definitely recommend walking, and also adding in some stairs if possible, but also recommend being cleared by a doctor first.