Lee Labrada's professional body dominated an era in bodybuilding before giants ruled the stage. He won contests through definition and balance rather than mind-blowing mass. At 5-foot-6, maybe 185 pounds, Lee's body had to approach toned perfection to compete with larger men.

His trick? Old-fashioned hard work. He trains hard whenever he's in the gym. There's no jovial exchanges, no lollygagging and very little rest. He lifts heavy weights with rapid movements. Rest is allowed only until the body stabilizes itself and your heart stops pounding on the inside of your ribs. Then, you go again, again and again.

Lee Labrada Fitness 360
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He asks that you listen to your body, take rest when you need it, especially of you are new to weightlifting. There is no rush to go from flab to flex. Go at your own pace and eventually you will get stronger and be able to work faster, more intensely.

Engage in active rest, blast through rigorous cardio routines on your days off. But, get plenty of sleep and recover properly before you go back into the gym.

Your body will adapt to whatever you do, so keep changing your plans, adapt to your adaptations. Different stressors kickstart gains.

Lee Labrada's Training Regime

3 days on/1 day off/2 days on/1 day off
Rotate Workouts 1, 2, 3.

For example:
  • Monday - Workout ONE: Chest/Shoulders/Triceps
  • Tuesday - Workout TWO: Back/Biceps
  • Wednesday - Workout THREE: Legs/Abs
  • Thursday - Rest
  • Friday - Workout ONE: Chest/Shoulders/Triceps
  • Saturday - Workout TWO: Back/Biceps
  • Sunday - Rest
For back and legs (large body parts) I choose 4 exercises and do 3-to-4 sets, 8-to-12 reps of each - total of 12-16 sets.

For chest and shoulders (medium body parts) I choose 3 exercises and do 3-to-4 sets, 8-to-12 reps of each - total of 9-12 sets.

For biceps, triceps and calves, I do a total of 6-to-9 sets, 8-to-12 reps each.