Not every quest is about rescuing some princess. Some are about seeking out the most precious treasure known to man or woman: sweet, sweet muscle gains.

You're about to go on the most important voyage of your lifting life. Across nine weeks and nine levels, you'll transform your body, crush your goals, and develop an arsenal of tips and techniques that will keep you growing for years.

Buff Dudes Journey For The Goblet Of Gains Trainer Promo

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The Buff Dudes are brothers Brandon and Hudson White, two diehard lifters who are also lifelong devotees of movies and, duh, video games. B.U.F.F stands for "Better Understanding of Food and Fitness," and since 2012 the brothers have helped spread the gospel of gains through weekly videos on their wildly popular YouTube Channel. Hundreds of millions of views later, they expanded to offer two new channels, Buff Dudes Workouts and Buff Dudes Food, to further the righteous cause of making the world a more buff place.