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As your journey continues, you enter a strange and disturbing part of the forest. No more happy little trees and sunshine here! Instead, you see yawning black caves, gravestones, and gnarled branches blocking out the light. You're tired from the struggles you've already faced, but you must press on.

In this world, you'll learn to avoid the pitfalls that many fellow travelers unwittingly set for themselves, how to make the most of nutritional power-ups, and prepare for yet another boss battle against a new and difficult foe.

This is when things get serious and many turn back. But not you, dude or dudette. With the Buff Dudes at your back and your workout calendar in hand, you're ready to forge ahead.


You've taken your body to its limit, and your new workouts are bringing more volume, more work, and more hits to your health points. Now it's time to increase those stats with some power-ups.

Working out drains you, and sometimes you don't get adequate nutrition from food alone to keep leveling up. Set foot in his cave, and let Supp Dude show you how elite warriors recover.

[EMBED VIDEO: Level 2:1]Here's what Supp Dude recommends:

Whey protein: This is a fast-digesting protein that your body absorbs and utilizes quickly—particularly post-workout. Dosage: 1 serving post-workout, and as needed throughout the day.

BCAAs: The branched-chain amino acids of leucine, isoleucine, and valine regulate protein metabolism by promoting protein synthesis and reducing protein breakdown. Sipping on them can help reduce post-exercise muscle soreness. Dosage: 1 serving intra-workout, and as needed throughout the day.

Pre-workout: What makes a good pre-workout? Caffeine and energy to power you through epic workouts, gnarly pump-promoting ingredients to make you feel like you can take on the world, and neurosensory ingredients to bring the focus and intensity you need to the battle at hand. Dosage: 1 serving, 30 minutes before your workout.

Creatine: Perhaps the most researched performance supplement, creatine has been shown again and again to boost muscular size, strength, and power in conjunction with strength training. Dosage: 5 grams once per day.

Hydroxycut: This is energy, pure and simple. Want to feel like lightning bolts are flying out of your fingers? The caffeine of the world's best-known thermogenic will light up your results. Dosage: 1-2 servings per day, as needed.

Level 2:2: Gym Mistakes

At the halfway point in your journey, you've accomplished a lot, but nothing gets easier from here on. Your mental approach is now more important than ever. The road from here to the goblet is full of pitfalls and dead ends, some of which you may be contributing to yourself. But fear not, your intrepid guides the Buff Dudes are here to help you solve the most common gym mistakes that sabotage the beginning and intermediate lifter.

[EMBED VIDEO: Level 2:2]
  • Not staying consistent with your effort or approach
  • Not following a plan…like the one in this program!
  • Giving up after not seeing results in a month or so
  • Sabotaging your awesome gym workouts with poor nutrition
  • Letting form slip, especially over the course of long sets or workouts
Level 2:3: Enter the Superset

About five weeks into a program your workouts may not feel as hard as they once did. You're making gains and are ready for a new challenge. That challenge is the superset.

[EMBED VIDEO: Level 2:3]When performing straight-set workouts, you generally rest 60-90 seconds between sets. No longer! Your gym time from now on will be rife with supersets, where you perform one exercise, then immediately transition into another that either works an antagonist muscle or doubles down on the muscle group worked by the first move. Either way, it means more work, less rest, and more gains.

If you've been plateauing in your results, this is a battle you need to throw yourself into.

The Final World Awaits

World 2 is behind you, but what's ahead is no easy task. The final world of this journey is going to contain the most challenging workouts you've faced so far: new exercises, new programming, new lessons to learn, and new foes to slay.

But the Buff Dudes are still with you. Now go to World 3 and earn the goblet!

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