You wake up on a day like any other on your homeworld of Muscle Kingdom, a mostly peaceful, mostly medieval forest monarchy. But something about today feels…different.

You brush your teeth, comb your luxurious, pixilated mane, and take a look in the mirror. What's looking back needs some upsizing if you're going to survive beyond the average 18-20 years typical of people in this time in history. You're tired of being soft, small, and devoid of superpowers. It's time to level yourself up.

You frantically search around in your nightstand—where did you leave those Super Mushrooms, anyway?—but find nothing that's going to scratch this itch. It's time for you to go out and seek a more permanent solution.

Your friends have spoken, in furtive whispers, of a magical goblet that bestows untold strength and size to anyone who drinks from it. With just a sip, it can transform a person's body from noodly nothingness into a mighty and meaty statue from head to toe—or at least, from traps to calves.

It's the Goblet of Gains. (Ominous MIDI music).

A few have gone in search of it. They never came back. But you won't let that stop you. And so you put on your finest sleeveless jacket grab your workout calendar, and begin your journey.

World 1-1: Mastering the Golden Five

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Your quest for the Goblet of Gains will be long and difficult. To have any hope of succeeding, you need to be supremely confident in your tools.

That's why your first stop is at Ye Olde Gym, where your intrepid guides The Buff Dudes will show you the essentials of the so-called "Golden Five" movements of the bench press, deadlift, squat, pull-up, and overhead press. Every buff dude and girl must have these in their arsenal, and your objective for the first three weeks is to nail your form on all five. Don't worry about setting any world records yet!

World 1-2: Thy Buff Foods Consume

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You've damaged your body from all the hard-fought battles in the gym. Now it's time to replenish. Food is going to help you build your strength and size stats, but you need to know the proper foods to eat if you have any hope of making it to the next level. That's why the Buff Dudes enlist their old ally Food Dude to help you make sense—well, kinda—of battle-ready nutrition.

The Buff Dudes believe that the only way to really master your nutrition for the long haul—like, all the way to the Goblet— is for it to match your lifestyle and your tastes. So if you're looking for a calorie-by-calorie customized meal plan, you're out of luck. These guys are big on building through healthy behaviors, not just numbers.

If you want just a touch of guidance, though, we've got you covered. Download the approved food list and sample day of eating, based on how the Buff Dudes actually do it themselves, and then fill your rucksack the right way!

World 1-3: Enter the Cardio

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You're lifting hard and eating right, and stories of your exploits are starting to echo across the land. But if you want to last throughout nine brutal levels and taste from the sweet Goblet of Gains, you'll need more than strength. You'll need endurance, too. And you can only get it by facing the two-headed boss of World 1: the cardio twins, Steady-State and HIIT.

You'll find the details of your cardio plan repeated on the daily pages of the training program, but here's the high-level overview: do steady state cardio, such as a 10% incline treadmill walk, 3-4 times a week for 30-45 minutes. Then, another two times a week starting in week 4, you'll perform 12-15 rounds of HIIT in a 20 seconds full intensity, 60 seconds active rest format. Become unstoppable!