It's the most wonderful time of the year, according to a popular Christmas song. But tell that to someone watching their macros. In that case, the holidays can become a torturous journey through family gatherings and office parties, all seemingly designed to sabotage your diet.

Maintaining an iron will and abstaining from all holiday desserts sounds admirable, but it isn't much fun, is it? These recipes allow you to partake in holiday festivities without blowing your waistline.

1. Candy Cane Delight Parfait

It's in the name. This delightful protein parfait is bursting with peppermint flavor and holiday cheer. And with the double-protein punch of Gold Standard French Vanilla Whey Protein and the Opti-Bar Chocolate Brownie, it's the perfect dessert treat before or after you hit the gym.

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2. Cake Donut Protein Cookies

As the weather turns cold, few can resist the warm and inviting smell of fresh-baked cookies. These protein cookies hit the spot when you're craving a warm winter treat. A simple alternative to their gingerbread cousin, this is one dessert you'll want to celebrate all year round.

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3. Birthday Cake Protein Pudding Dip

Be a hit at your next party with this diet-friendly protein pudding dip. Fresh fruit or graham crackers are the perfect accompaniments, or enjoy this delicious dessert all on its own!

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4. Birthday Cake Protein Chow

We all love to snack, so why not nibble on something tasty and good for gains? The Birthday Cake Protein Chow helps you get that extra protein fix. Better yet, it's something you can nibble on any time of day. Make a single serving for you, or multiply the recipe to feed the whole family!

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