Paul Carter, a former competitive powerlifter who has also competed and coached in bodybuilding, has made his name as a master of programming—and by "programming" we mean programs that people can actually follow in a normal gym while still having a life.

That's the idea behind Jacked in 3, Carter's new program in All Access.

"The goal of this program is to utilize a high degree of training economy," Carter says. "We're going to put our warm-ups, the acclimation sets, and the work sets all into one giant set that I call 'accumulative volume training.'"

Carter will show you everything you need to implement this novel technique in the video workout below. It's simple, flexible, and best of all, can easily adapt to your training goals and even how you feel on any given training day—what is known as autoregulation. Don't feel strong today? Do more hops and get a good pump. Feel like a beast? Reach out and touch a new rep max on your second hop.

Don't have access to some or any of the equipment that Carter uses? Don't sweat it. Feel free to substitute similar movements. Make this program work for you!

This is world-class training that can work for anyone, of any experience level, in just about any gym. Try it out, and if you like it as much as we think you will, check out the full Jacked in 3 program.