• Buffalo area is under a flood warning
  • Authorities worry some buildings could collapse as snow on roofs soaks up rain
  • NFL game between Bills and Jets will be played Monday in Detroit
  • The death toll from the storms is 13

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(CNN) -- The Buffalo area waits for the floodwaters to rise.

They're coming, that's for certain.

But how high and widespread, that's another matter.

New York officials aren't taking any chances.

About 180,000 sandbags have been prepared.

Swift-water rescue teams also are in place, along with helicopters, should anyone get caught in a deluge of runoff waters.

Sunday's high should reach the mid-50s, but with it comes melting snow and rain. Showers are in the forecast through Monday night.

Flooding threat

"We know the snow situation we're dealing with, we're well aware of that," Gov. Andrew Cuomo told CNN affiliate WIVB. "On top of that, a period of high rain will make the snow heavy."

The entire area is under a flood warning, which means flooding is imminent or has been reported. The National Weather Service says flood-prone areas will be inundated but warns there will be general flooding, too.

"(We) expect 5 to 6 feet of water in some areas in a short period of time," Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz said. The risk of flooding extends into Tuesday.

Erie County officials aren't taking any chances. In addition to having lots of sandbags ready, they've mobilized large pumps to suck up water and move it elsewhere.

"Because of the large nature and the amount of the snow, non-traditional flood areas might actually be impacted," Erie County Emergency Services Coordinator Daniel Neaverth told affiliate WGRZ. "We're hoping for best, but we're also preparing for the worst."

It's a notion the governor echoes.

"Hopefully we need none of this," Cuomo said. "Hopefully this was just an elaborate exercise in logistics."

A year's worth of snow in a week

The 86 inches that fell in some areas in three days last week is a year's worth of snow. In a typical year, Buffalo's snowfall totals about 7 feet, according to the National Weather Service.

And, all that heavy snow threatens to collapse more roofs.

Some roofs already have crumbled, but rain may collapse more, in part because the already heavy snow will soak up the latest rain before it melts, Erie County officials have said.

Several dozen roofs have already collapsed, according to Erie County officials.

The deadly storm claimed 13 lives -- many due to heart attacks while clearing snow.

The death toll also includes one senior citizen who died of natural causes after or while the person was evacuated Thursday from a nursing home in Cheektowaga, officials said.

And the storm forced the NFL to reschedule Sunday's game between the Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets. Instead of being played at the Bills' Ralph Wilson Stadium, it will take place at Detroit's Ford Field on Monday night.

But even leaving the Buffalo area had its complications. Before meeting at the Bills' stadium Friday morning to get on a bus to the airport, some of the players had to be picked up by snowmobile because of driving bans in certain areas, team spokesman Scott Berchtold said.