Hillary Clinton continued to tease people waiting to hear her announce a presidential run during a speech at the Emily's List 30th Anniversary Conference and Gala in Washington, D.C., Tuesday night, and steered completely clear of recent controversy over her use of a personal email account as secretary of state.

The former first lady began her speech weighing in on the social media phenomenon that was #TheDress, joking about her purple pantsuit, "despite what you think, this outfit is not actually white and gold."

Clinton then spoke of her mother's guidance and influence in making decisions, saying "in life you get the chance to make a million decisions ... Some of them are big, like, do you run for office?"

But the biggest tease of the night came when Clinton urged the crowd to continue their work to seeing more women elected to public office.

"When I look at this room, I see leaders," Clinton said, adding that it was time for Emily's list supporters to redouble their efforts to get more women elected to political leadership roles.

"I suppose it's fair to say, don't you someday want to see a women president of the United States of America?" She said to loud applause.

Clinton also used the speech to highlight the careers of other Democratic women, including retiring Maryland Senator Barbara Mikluski and former Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords.



Daniella Silva

First published March 3 2015, 8:38 PM